Life With Jesus, Life Together, Life For All

Our Vision


Integrate Life With God

Continue to encourage the development of the small group teaching model, extending it to church groups which exist in addition to those attending Sunday morning worship.

Build on the existing prayer life of the church, encouraging us all, as individuals and as one body, to tune in and hear God.

Ensure that all teaching and worship is God-centred.

Share Jesus

Equip each individual to realise the opportunities in personal frontlines and enable each person to demonstrate/communicate the difference that Jesus makes to life.

Continue to share love for all, as demonstrated by Jesus, through resourcing ministry and mission in our neighbourhood.

Support the development of town-wide mission through Accrington Christians Together.

Maintain and grow partnerships with groups who use our church buildings.

Purposefully share and communicate how God is at work in each of our congregations with the wider church family.

Love One Another

Seek leadership to develop the pastoral life of the church.

Recognise that pastoral support can be provided through the small group model and encourage those not already attending to join existing groups or start new ones.

Recognise and celebrate the diverse body of Christ.

Ensure all church activities are safe, accessible and welcoming

Discipleship Together

Enable a deeper understanding of scripture through reading, teaching, preaching and studying together.

Transform our prayer life to focus on Kingdom values being seen in our neighbourhood and town.

Individually give generously of our time, talents and finances to the cause of Christ.

Revisit our model of membership.

Ensure all frontline and church ministries are actively structured and developed to help individuals grow in faith and discipleship.

Teach God's Love

Have a structured approach to teaching which is focussed on gospel understanding and application.

Offer and resource thorough and accessible courses with purposeful and structured follow-up for: those seeking faith; those requesting baptism or confirmation; those preparing for marriage; or those exploring membership.