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Our History

Trinity Community Church is an LEP, and both Baptist and Anglican.

But what is an LEP?

An LEP is a Local Ecumenical Partnership of churches originating from different Christian denominations.

Trinity Community Church is an LEP formed in 2008 by the coming together of Christ Church Anglican Church, Cannon Street Baptist Church and Woodnook Baptist Church. You can read more below

Christ Church Anglican Church had a building which was in good order having been renovated in 1969, remodelled once in 2001, and again in 2005 when the Sure Start initiative was launched. Christ Church had few young families or young people in the congregation and so it was felt by the membership of both churches that the joining together of the two congregations could be the basis of a new church fellowship serving the area.

Cannon Street Baptist church was situated in the centre of Accrington. It was a very large building with a small but vibrant membership with a number of young people. The church also employed a full time youth worker. The church had recognised the importance of working together with other churches in the area for outreach. The building was becoming unmanageable in terms of cost and it was felt that the money could be put to better use. So the LEP was launched and Christ Church with Cannon Street became a community church.

Woodnook Baptist church was working within the same area, and the churches had worked together on a number of occasions. Woodnook had no minister and a small but dedicated congregation and a church building which had been the church school at one time and which is in a very good state of repair. It was with pleasure that we welcomed them into the LEP forming what is now known as Trinity Community Church.